The world of private equity deals is demanding, fast- paced and most "pre-initiative" HR functions are not prepared to provide meaningful support or are not trusted to. 
Services to Private Equity Ownership Groups
At an Executive Forum event in NYC in early 2010 a former head of Bear Stearns was touting his deal-making success.  During the following Q&A, an audience member asked him to relate a deal that didn't go well.  The man's response was that while he wouldn't go into specifics, every deal that had ever gone bad in his experience was largely a people issue.  I've been involved with three private equity projects led by excellent firms such as HIG Capital, LLC and DDJ Capital Management, LLC and ranging from roll-ups to turnarounds, pre-chapter and post emergence.  One of the common threads in all these was the extent to which human capital analysis, planning and execution on issues ranging from management team strength to cultural resistance to change and other workforce threats was a determinant factor to success. 
We are experienced and prepared to provide professional services in the areas of:
  • Building and assessing management teams.
  • "Standing up" or creating HR functionality for "green field" initiatives or business units that have broken off from parent company HR support.
  • Pre-deal due diligence and risk assessment.
  • Developing human capital metrics based on business strategy.
  • Re-purposing or upgrading the existing HR functions.
  • Developing and managing the change process around integration of people programs.
  • Cross-portfolio programs to drive cost efficiencies.